ServicesGeneral commercial Cleaning.
*remove trash ,wash trash cans and change liners.
*sweep and mop floors.
*vacuum and spot clean carpet area.
*dust and wipe all surfaces.
*wipe and sanitize phones ,desks and doors handles.
*clean and sanitize restrooms.
*wash doors and partitions glass.

Floors maintenance.
In addition to daily maintenance, we provide a monthly, quarterly and yearly programs to keep floors looking fresh and new. We have an enormous knowledge and experience to deal with any kind of floors: Vinyls, rubbers, tiles, wood or concrete. (Includes strip & wax).

Building maintenance.
We clean and maintain your building. We have licensed crew to be able to fix any problem :restrooms, kitchen, sinks, doors and even we can paint. One expert for all.

Windows cleaning.
We clean windows low or High.

Carpet Cleaning.
We do have steam machine to clean your carpet for affordable prices.

Power-wash and concrete cleaning.
Wash your driveway or parking lot, your building siding or wash your warehouse, we have the right crew with right machines.

Gutter Cleaning.
We clean or replace your gutters small or large job no problem.

Basement or backyard cleaning.
We clean basement, back and front yards.

Trash removal.
We remove trash small or large job we can handle.